Juniper seeds are the soul of traditional gin but the more botanic aromas there are in the finished blend, the less the focus is on juniper. That’s why, from the outset, Elg Gin has relied on the nature of juniper berries being free, clear and authentic. For the same reason, only two other ingredients are included in the finished Elg Gin product - exotic and traditional coriander seeds and then an absolute innovation: carrot.

The few ingredients lend Elg Gin unheard of precision in terms of taste, as the three ingredients are extracted and distilled separately.

The end result is a crystal clear and fresh juniper flavour underpinned by the fact that Elg Gin typically has an alcohol content of 47 per cent, and this produces remarkable intensity in terms of both bouquet and taste.

Elg Gin is the perfect mixer for numerous cocktails, but can be enjoyed neat, accompanied just by ice cubes, like few other gins. 


ELG Oak Limited Edition

ELG Oak Gin is a barrel-aged oak gin from a single cask which produced only 496 bottles. It was made from Elg Gin No. 3 and left to age for 18 months in a 250-litre Oloroso sherry cask, which was emptied just before the gin was added.

ELG Sloe Gin

The sloe berries are harvested just after the first frost at the end of the year. They are added to our Elg Gin No. 1, and the mixture is sweetened with Danish sugar before being left to mature for six months. The gin is then poured through a strainer and the remaining berries are pressed.

Elg Gin No. 0 is the first Elg Gin, created by master distiller Henrik Elsner back in 2015. The recipe has been gathering dust since then, and that’s why it has been given the name 0.

Elg Gin No. 1 is a crystal clear all-round gin. It is based on juniper berries, coriander seeds and Danish Carrots. The taste is dominated by the flavour of the juniper berries.

Elg Gin No. 2 is an “Old Tom” gin. The term Old Tom comes from from Tom Chamberlain, also known as “Old Tom”, who was the master distiller and partner of Hodges Distillery at the beginning of the 19th century.

Elg Gin No. 3 is a “Navy Strength” gin. “Navy Strength” derives from the concept of “proof spirits”, a term which originated with sailors in the 19th century.

Just like Elg Gin No. 1, Elg Gin No. 4 is based on juniper berries, coriander seeds and carrots, but an extract of purple carrots has also been used. The carrots come from Denmark.